ScooterPower is a non-profit association founded in 2007 by Arnaud and Fabien, eager to share their enthusiasm for the small but powerful 50cc motorbikes, scooters or mopeds that can be endlessly modified and customised!

ScooterPower began as a technical school class project. The club was the first association in France to organise geared moped drag racing events, informally at first and then rapidly evolving into structured events on specially adapted racetracks to insure security and safety.

The 50cc drag racing discipline is based on dragster racing, originating from informal meets among enthusiasts who modified their motorbikes in search of better performance. Today there are some 350 drivers and 1200 spectators attending each of our races. All the major manufacturing brands take an interest in our races and our results rank among the best in Europe. Our drag racing events feature motobikes with up to 35hp and accelerate faster than a motorcycle over a distance of 150 meters !!

Over the years, ScooterPower has grown and evolved thanks to our keenly motivated and active team of 15 committee members. Affiliated with the UFOLEP French Sports Federation, our club holds track and drag races with the goal of helping the general public discover new types of 50cc racing. These races include different types of motorbikes such as 50cc geared scooters, proto vario, motorbikes and pocket bikes.

Our club headquarters are located at the well-known international Salbris racetrack, where we operate and manage a scooter driving school to help train new pilots for competition on the track. These young drivers can join our ScooterPower Racing Team and benefit from technical and structual support to help them participate and excel within the two main French 50cc races : the Trophée Grand Ouest and the France 25power FFM Championship.

Thanks to strong support by MAXISCOOT.COM, worldwide leader for 50cc parts, we now organise a total of 10 events each year within the disciplines of drag racing and track racing. The events take place on different racetracks around France including Salbris, Magny Cours, Villeperdue, La Châtre and Mer. We mainly use kart racing tracks which are well-adapted for our events.

The public enthusiasm for 50 meter drag racing and motorbike track racing has helped us attract more than 300 club members from all over France. We bring together the members each year at major sporting events such as our ScooterPower Weekend, our most popular yearly club event.

What's your style? Are you more dragster or racetrack?

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The Salbris’ Racetrack is our playground, our let off steam our sanctuary.

We organise 10 Official Races per year on this racetrack and we train there as soon as the weather allows us to do so, or not…