The RUN 2018 member card is not required in order to compete in our events, but the card provides an enormous advantage over other drivers :

Club Scooterpower


Earn points by participating in each of the 3 SPR events during 2018.
Challenge reserved for 2018 members only.
Official Prize Ceremony on the Final DragDay 2.

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– 10% on Maxiscoot, MXS Racing, Stage6, Stage6 R/T, Motoforce, Motoforce Racing, STR8
– 5% on all other brands
– 25% off purchase off racing suit (available in March)

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The inspection is sheduled once and is valid for the entire 2018 season!
Scheduling possible starting on Open Day March 11.

Registration is free for the first 200 members signing up for the 3 Run events:
– DragDay #1 21-22 April
– SPR Weekend 7-8 July
– DragDay #2 20-21 October

ScooterPower 2018 T-Shirt + SPR & MXS stickers

PRICE: 75.00€ (including postage)

Delivery generally in 2 weeks. Your Maxiscoot Membership account will be finalized within 48 hours after your payment has been received.